CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage is blank in WHM

“CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage” page blank This is a common error across all cPanel releases. The most likely cause of this issue is related to the utility that actually generates the statistics. When cPanel is installed, several entries are added into crontab for the root user. The following is a list of the default crontab entries from… Read more »

How to configure Exim on a cPanel server to use a smart host?

A Smart Host is a SMTP server that will accept mail from another server and then deliver the mail for that server. For example, server1 is setup to use server2 as a smart host. Anytime someone sends e-mail on server1 it is automatically relayed to server2 regardless of the MX entrys for the domain. Server2… Read more »

SSH Cpanel/WHM Command

/scripts/adddns Add a Dns Entry /scripts/addfpmail Install Frontpage Mail Exts /scripts/addservlets Add JavaServlets to an account (jsp plugin required) /scripts/adduser Add a User /scripts/admin Run WHM Lite /scripts/apachelimits Add Rlimits (cpu and mem limits) to apache. /scripts/dnstransfer Resync with a master DNS Server /scripts/editquota Edit A User’s Quota /scripts/finddev Search For Trojans in /dev /scripts/findtrojans… Read more »

Common SSH Commands or Linux Shell Commands

Common SSH Commands or Linux Shell Commands, ls : list files/directories in a directory, comparable to dir in windows/dos. ls -al : shows all files (including ones that start with a period), directories, and details attributes for each file. cd : change directory · · cd /usr/local/apache : go to /usr/local/apache/ directory cd ~ :… Read more »

Installing basic automatic protection from DoS and DDoS attacks to your server

DDoS-Deflate DDoS-Deflate is a couple of bash scripts, that is run every X minutes, analyze the total number of connections to your server from every IP address using netstats command and temporarily blacklist IPs, that have more than Y active connections to your server at the moment, script runs. Blacklisting is done using either iptables… Read more »

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