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Unleash the power of superior hosting with UnderHost! With a vast selection of server locations that cater to all your hosting needs, we guarantee ultimate performance and unwavering reliability. From Offshore Servers and Gaming Servers to 10Gbps Servers, we've got you covered. Our focus is on delivering optimal performance and reliability.

Our servers span across 12 prime worldwide locations - Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Caribbean Islands, United States, Sweden, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and The Netherlands. This global reach ensures optimal response times for your website, no matter where you or your users are. Join us and become part of the UnderHost global family.

At UnderHost, we partner with premium bandwidth providers and employ optimised network routing to ensure unparalleled speed and reliability for your websites and servers. With diverse server locations and superior services, we aim to provide a standout hosting experience tailored to your expectations.

Our ultimate goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Our world-class services backed by dedicated customer support make us the best choice for your hosting needs. Your server location significantly impacts your website's business. Choose the perfect server location today and take the first step towards extraordinary hosting with UnderHost.

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Server Locations

UnderHost provides robust and reliable dedicated servers from multiple locations around the world. Catering to a diverse range of needs, our global server locations ensure optimal performance and data security. Select your preferred server location from the options below.

Why Choose UnderHost?

With UnderHost, you get more than just a server. We offer superior hosting services that deliver on performance, security, and reliability. Our servers are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software, ensuring your websites and applications run smoothly. We also provide round-the-clock support from our team of experts, ready to assist with any questions or issues.

Global Network, Local Performance

Our global network of servers allows us to provide local performance, no matter where you are. With servers located in key areas around the world, you can deliver content to your users quickly and reliably. Each of our server locations is selected for its network performance, local regulations, and infrastructure reliability.

Whatever your business requires, we give you a tailored hosting solution.


24/7/365 Dedicated Team

Ask us for help and guidance when using UnderHost, any time. We have passionate professionals who take a personal interest in assisting you by ticket and email.


Up to 10Gbps Bandwidth

Experience lightning-fast connectivity with our high-speed, reliable network infrastructure. Our data center offers up to 10Gbps bandwidth from multiple carriers.

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ServerShield technologies

A combination of enterprise-grade hardware, redundant network setup, multiple upstream ISP connections with a real-time anti-DDoS mitigation and pro-active monitoring make our infrastructure rock solid.


Customizable Server Options

We offer a range of storage options including SSD, NVMe, and HDD. You have the flexibility to choose and configure your server according to your specific requirements and preferences.

We assure your best experience with us!

We pride ourselves on creating happy customers! We strive to meet our goal of 100% customer satisfaction continually. This involves providing top-of-the-line services, along with incredible customer support.

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