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Give yourself peace of mind with UnderHost Rsync backup system. Whether you're backing up 1GB or 100GB, Rsync technology gives you the efficiency you need to perform daily remote backups with little resource usage.
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Dedicated Servers

We use the industry's best control panel for all our virtual hosting accounts. It provides a massive amount of powerful features in a user friendly interface.

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  Product Highlights Backup Light Backup Host Backup Share
  Disk Space 20 GB 100 GB 500 GB
  Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  RSYNC Compression & SSH Encryption Yes Yes Yes
  cPanel/WHM Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
  Multiple GIG-E Network Connections Yes Yes Yes
  Price/month $7.95 $21.95 $59.95
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Ultra-Fast, RAID6-Redundant Servers

Most backup providers protect their data using only single parity RAID5.

We use Dual Parity RAID-6.

We maintain the latest version of the following protocols:

Yes FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Yes SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
Yes SSH (Secure Shell)
Yes SCP (Secure Copy) - uses SSH for encrypted file transfer
Yes RSYNC V3 - synchronizes only changed files. On an average hosting server, it saves up to 98% of bandwidth on a daily basis, as generally only 2% of files are changed or modified
Yes Samba - mount your backup space as if it were a 2nd hard drive
Yes rdiff-backup - uses rsync and stores old files in a special subfolder
Yes duplicity - produces encrypted tar-format volumes and records only the parts of files that have changed
Yes rsnapshot - rsnapshot uses rsync and hard links to keep multiple, full backups while using only a little over the amount of space of one full backup
Yes WebDAV - collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers.


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