Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The following terms and conditions of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) apply to all clients that have a Managed Hosting service level which includes Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting, on the UnderHost network, and was purchased directly through UnderHost.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


This website availability service level agreement (SLA) applies to you if you have ordered any hosting plan (" service") and you are in good financial standing with UnderHost.

Service Level

UnderHost endeavours to have network connectivity available for HTTP access by third parties 99.9% of the time ("UnderHost Availability Target").

UnderHost Availability Target

99.9% Network Availability Target

UnderHost guarantees network availability for our public Internet network to be 99.9%. If the Network Availability within UnderHost's network is lower than the Network Availability Target in a calendar month, UnderHost will compensate its customers with credit.

UnderHost will refund the Customer's monthly service fees for those servers affected, for each hour of network downtime experienced up to 50% of the monthly service fees for those servers involved. Equivalent to 5% of monthly service fees for the first hours of unavailability and a credit of 5% of monthly service fees for each following hour. The credit can be claimed up to the monthly amount paid for the service. Failed PING commands define unavailability to the IP address of the server hosting your website. This unavailability must be caused by problems in the connection linking UnderHost to the Internet and verifiable from multiple external internet hosts.

Dedicated Servers / Hardware Replacement

Hardware replacement will occur within 1 - 24 hours of the reported problem during business hours. UnderHost will refund 5% of the monthly fee per additional 8 hours of downtime (up to 50% of the customers' monthly payment). To reduce replacement hardware downtime, we keep a certain quantity of pre-built systems on hand to swap out hard disks so that your server can be back up in the shortest amount of time. We keep pre-installed drives with our standard partitioning for immediate deployment for hard disk failures. To request an SLA hardware violation credit, you must follow the terms below.

If you need an upgraded SLA for your server, don't hesitate to contact sales via our CustomerPanel to get something done for you upon agreement.

SLA1.0 - Hardware replacement within one workday. (monday to friday) Free

SLA2.0 - Hardware replacement within one day. $ 60.00 /m

SLA3.0 - Hardware replacement within 12 hours. $ 95.00 /m

SLA4.0 - Hardware replacement within 8 hours. $ 125.00 /m

SLA5.0 - Hardware replacement within 2 hours. $ 200.00 /m


Online problems occur continuously. There might come a time when you cannot access your website or any other service. This is not necessarily due to UnderHost. Perhaps your ISP is experiencing technical difficulties, or there might be a routing problem between your ISP and the data center utilized and maintained by UnderHost, making communication difficult or impossible. We cannot bear the responsibility of such problems. Our monitoring agents determine the uptime of our service and not any one client's experience.

The monthly Network Availability Target is limited to network unavailability on the network operated by UnderHost. and the hardware owned by the UnderHost. or one of the direct suppliers. The Availability Target is in no case relevant, without being limited, to unavailability caused by hardware or software malfunctions, unavailability caused by the application of the acceptable use policy, to a network slowdown, to planned maintenance activities or to any event that is not directly under UnderHost direct control. The Network Availability Target is in no case applicable to external network problems that might cause local perturbations for some internet service providers. Any request for credit concerning a problem other than network uptime will be analyzed and treated individually as an independent request which is not subject to the network uptime Availability Target.


To receive a credit on your account, you must request such credit within seven (7) business days after you experienced no website available so that we may check our stats and your stats. You must request credit by following the step below:

Please open a new ticket for SLA via our CustomerPanel, including:

- Your domain name.

- Your IP Address (If any)

- The dates and times of the unavailability of your website.

- A complete description of the incident and any logs (if applicable)

Credits will usually be applied within sixty (60) days of your credit request. Credit to your account shall be your sole and exclusive remedy if no website is available. All SLA credits will be issued as service credits against future invoices.

Network downtime is measured when the network is 100% unreachable until connectivity has been restored. Any scheduled downtime or network maintenance will not apply to this downtime calculation. The 99.9% Network Availability Target guarantee does not apply to any software or services running on a client's server or any hardware within a client's server.

Servers Restore

UnderHost is not responsible for the restoration of data to the server. We strongly recommend that your purchase backup options for your server and keep copies of your data off-site with you for emergency purposes. If hardware failure and data loss occur, you, the client, are responsible for data restoration. UnderHost shall not be liable for loss of data under any circumstance.

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee:

A 14-day money-back guarantee backs UnderHost's shared hosting. * If you are not completely satisfied with our web hosting services, the entire contract amount less any overages will be refunded if UnderHost is notified during the first 14 days of service following activation. No refund is available after 14 days or in case of any abuse of our service. This money-back policy does not apply to any other service we offer, such as reseller, cloud, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, domain name registration, or additional services such as overages, disk space, bandwidth, IP addresses, etc. Due to work being involved with setup, mounting and racking these machines and the complexity of addon and stock, only shared hosting is subject to a moneyback guarantee.

* If you received a free domain name with your web hosting order, the moneyback guarantee does not apply.


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