Year: 2009

How to change CPanel mail server IP address?

Quite few times your server’s main/shared IP address may get black listed by most of RBLs due to x reasons. In such situations, it would be very difficult to receive/send some important emails due to this black list. In such situation a quick solution is to route the emails through a secondary IP address on… Read more »

Install ClamAV in Centos with Cpanel

Installing antivirus is most important if you run a VPS or dedicated server, because of so many worms and trojans get in to your server often without notice and could compromise the server. Cpanel WHM Installation The easiest way to install clam antivirus in cpanel is through install plugin option in Cpanel WHM . Code:… Read more »

VirtualHost directives in httpd.conf for all accounts are gone

To restore VirtualHost directives for all accounts in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf file (if your running RELEASE or CURRENT builds), run the following command at the prompt: Code: /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf

How to track mail from PHP when run as nobody?

Problem: One of the biggest problems with shared hosting is that PHP runs as the web server user rather than the user assigned in the virtualhost (unless your running PHP as CGI). This is a huge problem because when a site is compromised and a attacker is using your server to spam it can be… Read more »

CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage is blank in WHM

“CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage” page blank This is a common error across all cPanel releases. The most likely cause of this issue is related to the utility that actually generates the statistics. When cPanel is installed, several entries are added into crontab for the root user. The following is a list of the default crontab entries from… Read more »

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