How to Password Protect Directories Detailed Tutorial

How to Password Protect Directories Detailed Tutorial Please select the Password Protect Directories icon from your cPanel main page. A list of the directories on your account will appear. Select the directory you wish to limit access to. In the new page, please create a username and a password for your user. Select a name… Read more »

Warning: MaxClients exceeds ServerLimit

You may reach the maximum number of clients that are allowed to connect to your Apache web server and Apache stops responding. In this case, you have to increase the MaxClients and ServerLimit variable to a higher value. The changes has to be placed in the Apache configuration file located at /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf but in case… Read more »

WHM unable to create or remove accounts

1) Check your /etc/resolv.conf. If its missing valid nameservers this can be the cause Code: dig . NS If this times out then this is the problem. You have to fix your /etc/resolv.conf 2) Make sure you aren’t missing perl modules or have 11.x scripts on a 10.x machine r Code: un /scripts/perlinstaller File::Copy::Recursive /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkperlmodules… Read more »

cPanel sshd has failed, please contact the sysadmin

If you have changed the shell default Port 22 on a cPanel powered server , restarting sshd from the WHM will fail. You have to ssh to the server and issue the following command to restart sshd… Code: /sbin/service sshd restart To, temporarily, reset your shell port back to 22, run the following command from… Read more »

How can i install cURL on my cPanel server?

There are two common types of cURL installs on most cPanel servers. The first is a binary install, this is where the cURL binary (program) sits on your server (usually in /usr/bin) and can be run via the CLI or script. The second method is to have cURL built into PHP so that PHP’s cURL… Read more »

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