Introducing WooCommerce 6.0

Drumroll, please — WooCommerce 6.0 is here, featuring block-based Store Editing Templates, a more customizable cart block, revamped product attribute filtering, and more. As always, remember to back up and test on a staging site first before updating on production. 

What’s new in 6.0?

  • WooCommerce Blocks: It’s now updated to the 6.3.3 version of the feature plugin. See the release posts for 6.3.2 and 6.2.0 to find out what’s new.
  • WooCommerce Admin: Is now updated to the 2.9.4 version of the feature plugin. See the changelog to find out what’s new.
  • Product Attribute Filtering: With this release, they are entering the final stages of delivering the revamp of product attribute filtering. They have removed the need for a code snippet to show the feature; both the feature flag and system tool is now available for all merchants.
  • Rate Limit Table: In order to address the performance issues caused by storing rate limits in the options table, they also created a new table to hold rate limit entries. See #30960 for more details.

These are just some of the changes that are included in WooCommerce 6.0.

You can find the complete changelog for this release in the changelog.txt file.

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