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cPanel Tutorial: Files – File Permissions

cPanel Tutorial

  cPanel Tutorial: Files – File Permissions Changing file/folder permissions All files on UNIX (including Linux and other UNIX variants) machines have access permissions. In this way the operating system knows how to deal with requests to access the files. There are three types of access: Read – Denoted as r, files with read access… Read more »

How to Password Protect Directories Detailed Tutorial

How to Password Protect Directories Detailed Tutorial Please select the Password Protect Directories icon from your cPanel main page. A list of the directories on your account will appear. Select the directory you wish to limit access to. In the new page, please create a username and a password for your user. Select a name… Read more »

How can i install cURL on my cPanel server?

There are two common types of cURL installs on most cPanel servers. The first is a binary install, this is where the cURL binary (program) sits on your server (usually in /usr/bin) and can be run via the CLI or script. The second method is to have cURL built into PHP so that PHP’s cURL… Read more »

How to change CPanel mail server IP address?

Quite few times your server’s main/shared IP address may get black listed by most of RBLs due to x reasons. In such situations, it would be very difficult to receive/send some important emails due to this black list. In such situation a quick solution is to route the emails through a secondary IP address on… Read more »

How to track mail from PHP when run as nobody?

Problem: One of the biggest problems with shared hosting is that PHP runs as the web server user rather than the user assigned in the virtualhost (unless your running PHP as CGI). This is a huge problem because when a site is compromised and a attacker is using your server to spam it can be… Read more »

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