Offshore Dedicated Hosting – Better Than The Rest?

Offshore hosting has been making its way to the web hosting world over the last decade. Hundreds if not thousands of people are taking advantage of offshore hosting for a number of reasons. One vital reason smaller businesses and moderate sized businesses are going with offshore hosting is because it provides your site with much more privacy. One of the big concerns with mainstream hosting is that it does not protect the administrators as much as offshore hosting.

There are many businesses like eCommerce sites that are thriving along with HYI (high yield investments), or various political sites need to have an added security for their web hosting service. Whether your website is generating revenue or strictly an informative site there are many advantages to offshore hosting.

So, there are a handful of offshore web hosting companies to choose from; how can you make sure you are choosing the right one?

All kinds of web hosting companies come with a variety of packages. However, you do need to make sure that it fits within your budget, as well. There are two types of offshore web hosting that I would not invest your money with.
Shared web hosting is the most commonly used web hosting solution, that is offered by nearly every web hosting service.

Offshore shared hosting does have one major drawback, though. It seems to be a hot spot for scammers. They may even threaten your sites hosting with a DDOS attack. Traditional shared hosting that is offered on the mainland does have vulnerability to this, as well, but the threat seems to be a lot higher with shared offshore hosting.

People will often look into offshore VPS (virtual private server) which is actually a lot more secure than mainland VPS hosting. However, don’t get me wrong offshore VPS would be a better option than going with offshore shared web hosting. Hackers could still collapse your MySQL and hog all your RAM and CPU power.

The most secure hosting would have to be offshore dedicated servers hosting. The reason being is because you would have your own dedicated server and wouldn’t have to worry about other sites that might infect your hosting space, and ultimately cause you a lot of down time for your web site. Downtime can cost your business hundreds and thousands of dollars. It would cost you more money than shared or VPS but the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide.

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