CloudLinux 6 – End-of-Life – ELS 2024


CloudLinux OS 6 has officially reached its End-Of-Life on November 30, 2020. Software that reaches its end-of-life is no longer supported by developers, which means that you no longer receive critical security patches, updates, or feature changes.

Unsupported software that receives no security patches could be vulnerable to future exploits, meaning your servers and devices could be targeted. With extended CloudLinux OS 6 support, you still get patches and updates as usual until 2024, giving you plenty of time to update to CloudLinux OS 7 or 8. 

CloudLinux 6 End-of-Life
Effective November 30, 2020, CloudLinux OS version 6 reached its end-of-life. The developer will no longer maintain or support this version; no further updates or security patches will be forthcoming.

On December 1, 2020, any existing CloudLinux 6 license was automatically converted to CloudLinux ELS (Extended Lifecycle Support) licenses with an additional fee starting on April 15, 2021.

Important Note: This change requires no action on your part, however please read the information below regarding updated licensing and pricing.

Avoid Additional CloudLinux ELS Cost by Upgrading
CloudLinux ELS (Extended Lifecycle Support) is offered via a partnership between cPanel and CloudLinux, as a service for anyone who is unable to upgrade to CloudLinux 7 mostly Centos 6 users that aren’t ready to upgrade.

The price for CloudLinux ELS is detailed below and is valid through Nov. 30, 2021. For all CloudLinux licenses that remain on CloudLinux ELS, your April 15, 2021 invoice will reflect the following price per license:

CloudLinux ELS with cPanel: $15.95
CloudLinux ELS without cPanel: $16.95

This additional cost can be avoided by upgrading to CloudLinux 7 or CloudLinux 8, if you have a managed server with us running Centos 6 and Cloudlinux 6 the upgrade was already done in 2020 but if you have an unmanaged server and need an upgrade please reach out and we will help you through the process free of charge if required.

CloudLinux ELS will receive no further support after 2024, and it should give plenty of time to prepare and schedule deployments.

If you have questions, please email your account manager or submit a sales request at our support desk here.

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