WordPress 4.7 – Vaughan

Twenty Seventeen (New Default Theme) The major update in WordPress 4.7 is their new default theme “Twenty Seventeen” which is incredibly contains awesome features. This theme especially designed for business blogs/websites but you can use it on your blogs too. It will be a default theme for 2017. You can personalize it with your choice, […]

How to Install Varnish on CentOS 7

install varnish

1. Introduction Varnish is a proxy and cache, or HTTP accelerator, designed to improve performance for busy, dynamic web sites. By redirecting traffic to static pages, varnish reduces the number of dynamic page calls, thus reducing load. Varnish is designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites as well as heavily consumed APIs. In contrast to other […]

How to redirect from main site to subfolder

If you are trying to redirect from http://www.yourdomain.com to http://www.yourdomain.com/subdirectory/ this requires a special .htaccess config to avoid creating a loop. You can use the following in the .htaccess of the main site. Replace yourdomain.com with your own website, and replace newfolder with the name of the folder you want to redirect to. RewriteEngine on […]

How To Install MongoDB on cPanel server

How To Install MongoDB on cPanel server

How To Install MongoDB on cPanel server If you need help installing MongoDB on cPanel server, contact us we as well as providing web hosting, vps, dedicated server and offshore hosting we also offer server management from highly skilled Canadian technician. MongoDB is an open-source document database designed for easy of development and scaling. For […]

How To Install GMP on cPanel – Centos servers.

How To Install MongoDB on cPanel server

How To Install GMP 6 If you need help to install GMP on your cPanel server, we offer server management and one-time installation just contact us! GNU MP or GMP is a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers. There is no practical limit to the […]