UnderHost is taking a major step toward the future with a significant server fleet upgrade. This means more power, efficiency, and unlimited scalability for your online businesses.

Our offshore hosting servers will initiate the upgrade process, ensuring seamless continuity with unchanged nameservers and minimum disruptions. For clients using CloudFlare directly, we will send a week’s notice for DNS updates due to new IPs, ensuring a seamless transition and zero downtime.

The heart of this upgrade lies in the concept of ‘scalability.’ Utilizing cloud networks allows us to scale our instances to accommodate more shared hosting customers continuously. Your websites and applications will benefit from improved performance and faster load times.

By shifting to cloud networks, we are ready to accommodate more customers, offering improved performance and faster load times. Rest assured, our beloved features, such as Ruby, NodeJS, Python, PHP support, the WordPress toolkit, Softaculous, and site builder, will continue to serve you.

But what does this upgrade mean for you? It’s all about empowering your online presence. Faster CPUs, quicker RAM, and streamlined cloud infrastructure will ensure your websites and applications run smoother and faster, offering your visitors a superior user experience.

As we embark on this exciting transition, we will keep old and new servers online. This approach will ensure a smooth transition, reducing potential disruptions to your operations.

Our servers based in Canada will be migrated at a later stage, as those machines are relatively recent, with the last upgrade conducted in 2021. We will prioritize our offshore infrastructure first.

We express our gratitude for your consistent trust and support as we continue to advance the frontiers of hosting services. We are dedicated to your success and eagerly anticipate boosting your online presence in this new age of cloud technology.