Data is the lifeblood of any business in today’s digital age. Ensuring the safety and accessibility of your data should be a top priority. UnderHost provides a robust off-site business backup solution to keep your essential data secure and easily retrievable. Our business backup service is not just a service, but a long-term solution that provides peace of mind and significant time savings. Furthermore, we’ve developed a simple, automated cPanel backup script available on GitHub, which can significantly streamline the backup process of your website data. This script facilitates both full backups to your home directory or sending backups via FTP, with an email notification upon completion.

UnderHost Off-Site Business Backup Solution:

UnderHost’s business backup solution offers a seamless and secure way to back up your critical data off-site, ensuring it remains safe from local disasters, accidental deletions, or cyber-attacks. With our solution, you can rest easy knowing that your data is stored securely and can be accessed whenever needed. The off-site backup service at UnderHost is a prime choice for businesses looking for a reliable backup solution with stellar support. Explore more about our off-site business backup solution and purchase it here.

Automate Your cPanel Backups with Our Script:

Our automated cPanel backup script further enhances your data security by simplifying the backup process. This script is designed to work with cPanel hosting accounts, creating backups of your website data without the need for SSH access. All you need are your cPanel credentials, and you’re set to go!


  • Full backup to home directory or off-site via FTP.
  • Email notification upon backup completion.
  • Easy setup with minimal configuration required.

Get Started:

  1. Download the script from our GitHub repository: cPanel Backup Script.
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the repository to set up and configure the script according to your preferences.
  3. Schedule the script to run at your desired intervals using cPanel’s Cron Job feature.

Benefits of Combining Both Solutions:

Utilizing UnderHost’s off-site business backup solution along with our automated cPanel backup script provides a comprehensive backup strategy for your business. This duo ensures that your data is not only backed up locally but also securely stored off-site, providing an extra layer of data security. With UnderHost, you’re not just getting a service, but a committed partner in securing your data.


Investing in a reliable backup strategy is paramount for the continuity and success of your business. UnderHost’s off-site backup solution coupled with our automated cPanel backup script offers a robust and straightforward way to keep your data safe and accessible. Say goodbye to manual backups and hello to automated, secure, and hassle-free data backup solutions with UnderHost. Join the many satisfied businesses that have entrusted UnderHost with their data backup needs, and purchase our backup solution today.